The 10 Things to Include in your Brand Story Guidelines

I believe creating a set of brand story guidelines is a must for any creative business who wishes to remain consistent in their messaging and aesthetic, and have a brand that will allow them to follow their dreams. I will share with you the ten components that go into the brand story guidelines that I create for my clients, with some advice along the way in how to create these yourself.

Tips for a Lifestyle Product Photo Shoot

Product photo shoots are fast becoming a favourite of mine. But when I say product photo shoots, for me this means lifestyle. It means capturing a range of images that show your products in a lifestyle setting, that can transport the viewer into them. Which in turn allows them to really see the story behind the pieces and themselves using them. In this post I am sharing eight tips for you to take away and learn from, and put into place for your lifestyle product photo shoot.

Seeking inspiration as a creative

As a creative, we can occasionally struggle to be inspired. It doesn't always just flow and it can feel frustrating. But you are not alone, and this happens to a lot of us. It is important to remember this and realise that this isn't long-term. So I've popped some ideas together on just this, and how you can go about seeking creative inspiration. Enjoy.

Why Timeless Visuals Still Matter

With the current trends of short video content, a lot of text on top of your imagery and caring less about curation and more about what others are doing, it can feel overwhelming for creative brands that have spent a lot of time carefully crafting their aesthetic. I want to tell you that timeless visuals still matter and how to not lose your brand identity amongst the current chaos.

My Top Five Things to Consider for a Brand Shoot

If you are planning a brand shoot, or thinking about having a brand shoot in the not too distant future, then this post is for you. I've put together my top five things that you need to consider for your brand shoot, what I always consider for my clients' brand shoots and my own. Happy brand shoot planning!