A flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it. it just blooms.

The Art of Weddings

The Arts of Weddings is a membership that’s all about having the confidence to be true to yourself and build a wedding business that not only looks good, but feels authentic and purposeful - helping you stand out from your peers and book more of your perfectly aligned clients.

The Art of Brand Shoots

A brand shoot is essential for a business, especially a creative one. You need to show the face behind the brand and start telling your story through strong and professional imagery in line with your visual aesthetic. Join me in this one-hour masterclass on Monday 4th October 8pm GMT+1 where I share my tips and guidance on how to produce a brand shoot to elevate your content and attract your dream clients.

The Art of Flatlay Styling

Flatlay styling is a specific skill and one of those things that takes practice. It is something I used to struggle with, but now I have mastered them I want to show you my techniques to help you create beautiful flatlays that tell a story and enhance the product that you are styling.

The Art of Tablescape

Ah styling tables, my favourite thing to do. I love nothing more than adding all the layers that build up to the perfect tablescape for my clients. This means starting at the beginning with the design stage and ensuring you have the right pieces to tell a story. Learn how to refine and elevate your table styling in The Art of Tablescape Styling.

The Art of Brand Aesthetics

Imagine a clear brand aesthetic that’s unique to you, giving you confidence in every area of your business and helping you stand out from your peers so you book more of your perfectly aligned clients. The Art of Brand Aesthetics is a guided 6-part programme, where I take you through all the necessary steps to achieve the wedding brand of your dreams.

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The Art of Editorial Shoot Design

One of the greatest assets to growing my brand has been the ability to grow my portfolio through editorial styled shoots. It’s enabled me to show my clients the kind of work they want to see before I am booked to create it. They have to be done the correct way though, and this course shows you how to tell a story and create imagery that will elevate your portfolio, so you attract those dream clients.

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Aside from life
changing advice

and concrete tools to level up my brand and business, I’ve found an incredible group of individuals with which I feel such a deep connection with already - and most of them are halfway across the world!"

Khrystyna from Pastiche Events
on The Art of Weddings membership