Spring Retreat Styling

Creative Direction

With a desire to make an impact on our first night at the retreat I was co-hosting, I created a tablescape to signify Spring and all that is associated with it. I wanted the guests to feel relaxed at the table, yet thoroughly spoilt and wowed by the details. Spring flowers were key, with bulbs, shoots and blossom playing a key part.

For me, consistency is key in my designs. That and delicate details that tell a story and have an impact, in a gentle way. Brass and gold was the chosen metal, which I chose to use in the tableware, stationery and through the flower vessels. With the Spring flowers being key, these were used sparingly.

Fresh whites and greens are the perfect colours for the start of Spring, and were also relaxing for our guests, working with the decor of the venue and the brass brought the warmth in. The guests adored the details and it was perfect for the opening night.

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