Laurel Lime Brand Shoot

Creative Direction

Becky from Laurel Lime Bridal lacked content that was consistent in its aesthetic, and was looking for a large amount of professional images to overhaul her website, as well as some professional images of her working. As well as taking brand shots of Becky working and creating a studio to showcase her products, I also showed them in situ on a bridal model, so to related to Becky's clients further.

Laurel Lime's brand is a very gentle in its approach - with Becky taking inspiration from nature for the design of her bridal accessories, this needed to be brought into the design is a subtle way. Becky also takes inspiration from antique elements, and has a collection of heirloom jewellery that means a lot to her, and that was part of the reason she started Laurel Lime, therefore we used antiques subtly to showcase her pieces, as well as showing her antique jewellery collection as part of her story.

With photography by Sophie May Photo, the whole shoot was subtle in its approach. With delicate styling, considered touches, soft glances by the models and ethereal photography, in order to relate to Laurel Lime's brand story, ethos and values.

It is imperative for a creative brand to show working shots, and so we captured Becky designing and making in a studio set-up that worked for her brand. With gentle touches of flowers and antiques, everything came together to create a harmonious set of imagery for Laurel Lime, to elevate their brand and connect to their audience.

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