Inquisited's Brand Shoot

Creative Direction

Sakshi from Inquisited came to me to produce a brand campaign shoot for her, to provide her with a set of fresh imagery for her upcoming new brand design. Being from America, Sakshi wanted to come to the UK for her shoot, as her new brand is very reflective of an English country garden - think an abundance of roses, leaves glistening with drops of rain, dew on the grass.

The venue was vital for this shoot, and so I chose Hamswell House near Bath, which has exquisite gardens and a beautiful period property for our backdrop. D'Arcy Benincosa was chosen to photograph the day, as Sakshi's brief was that we be very particular with how the greens were captured, which changes a lot from one photographer to another.

Inquisited's brand is timeless, natural, romantic, considered and wonder-led. So it was essential I kept these words at all times. As well as being a stationery designer, Sakshi also produces handmade paper, so I wanted to ensure we were showcasing all of this, as well as Sakshi as a person, her nature and her values.

Flowers by Clementine Moon Floral Design were abundant, with an array of garden roses to appear as if they were grown in situ, yet in an elaborate way. A lot of Sakshi's inspiration comes from flowers, and they are used within her designs, so we carefully considered these and ensured they were made a priority.

Sakshi now has a vast array of new imagery to use within her new brand, to depict her story and her values, and showcase her abilities and talents, that will ultimately resonate with her dream clients and her peers in the wedding industry.

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